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Why Austria?

Austria stands for quality, stability and efficiency - whether in production, filmmaking or employee performance. Companies eager to expand, talents and film productions from all over the world will find optimal conditions enabling them to unfold their potential. Tradition meets the future in Austria. The willingness to invest, inventiveness and a dynamic research community characterise the business, work and film location of Austria. As a prosperous country, Austria serves as a test market for German-speaking Europe, offers a high quality of life to international skilled workers and is convincing thanks to its breathtaking natural landscapes as well as an attractive business promotion system.

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Why Austria?

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    Innovation is promoted in Austria - whether as a company, researcher or on the set. The country offers first-class universities and research centres and proactively supports R&D with direct research funding programmes and a 14 percent research tax credit. Innovation has a long tradition here. Austria moves mountains - and systematically drives research forward. In an EU comparison, Austria invests heavily in expanding its telecommunications infrastructure and offers high-performance, state-of-the-art networks. International companies value the country as an ideal headquarters location and skilled employees from all over the world benefit from Austria as a cosmopolitan centre with excellent English language skills.

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    Reliability, satisfaction and efficiency: in Austria you benefit from a dependable legal system, political stability and a high level of social satisfaction. In turn, this is reflected by a low strike rate and good ties between employees and employers. As the only United Nations headquarters in the EU, Austria has demonstrated its suitability as a secure, neutral state for international organisations.

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    Austria is an affluent, stable and prosperous nation with a long and eventful history. In addition to its dynamic and innovative economy, Austria is not only valued across the globe as a travel destination and a place synonymous with culture but as the adopted country of international skilled employees and companies. Austria’s natural landscapes are well-known far beyond its borders and can be easily reached at any time thanks to the outstanding infrastructure.

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    At the crossways of all important data and power lines and as a transport hub with a stable energy supply, Austria combines the highest business location quality for the benefit of companies with the best quality of life and affordability in international comparison. It is worth highlighting the disproportionately high level of green energies for which Austria stands out alongside the security of supply. Austria is not only geographically positioned at the centre of the new Europe. Its location at the interface of important, North-South and East-West traffic and transport routes provides optimal links to the pan-European transport infrastructure.

Austrian Business Agency – Welcome!

Do you aim to locate your company in Austria? Set up a research campus? Search for highly qualified international skilled workers? Or perhaps shoot a new James Bond film? You are right on target with us here at the Austrian Business Agency (ABA). We will ensure that your project in Austria gets off to a successful start - free of charge!

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