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Außenansicht des Forschungscenters der Durst Group Lienz © Durst Group Lienz
Forscherin mit weißem Kittel und Schutzbrille als Fachkraft für den Forschungsstandort Österreich
Copyright: © Durst Group Lienz (top)

Austrian Business Agency - Welcome!

Do you aim to locate your company in Austria? Set up a research campus? Search for highly qualified international skilled workers? Or perhaps shoot a new James Bond film? You are right on target with us here at the Austrian Business Agency (ABA). We will ensure that your project in Austria gets off to a successful start! - Free of charge!
euros in investments: that’s how much we have attracted to Austria
new jobs have been created due to our efforts
international skilled workers belong to our network
film productions have been given support by us to date

How can we help?

Our services

Our Team

47 employees are happy to support you – in 15 languages. Here you can find the right person able to help with your concern. Simple and free of charge.

We simply get it done – for you!

We provide you with information quickly, to the point, and reduce the complexity so that you choose Austria for settlement, job or film shoot.

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    We think left and right and research across the board. Then we filter out the essentials for you to get the best solution as quickly as possible.

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    Our support is top-notch. We understand your challenges and provide pinpointed help - with positive energy and in fifteen languages.

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    Nobody in the country can match our business location know-how and networking competence. Confidential and for free. With us, you will be sustainably successful in Austria.

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